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95comics is an extremely unique company as in 100% of our staff is remote based. This allows us to be truly global in our outlook which is the basis for our creative efforts. Being remote and 100% online also allows us to be a fast and extremely nimble company. Layers of management and paperwork are non-existing here and we foster open communication between all our team members irrespective of rank.

Being a growing company 95comics is always looking for great people to join our team. We have a culture of collaboration and profit-sharing. Being an internet company gives us the advantage of allowing us to work from any location in the world, so it does not matter where you live. If you have the drive, passion and skills to be in this industry, drop us a line and we can work something out.

95comics is not looking for just employees; we are looking for partners to help us move forward. Here is a list of available job openings � but even if there is something here not suited to your skills , email us with information about yourself and how you can be an asset to our company. We�re waiting to hear from you.
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