What we do?

95comics is a publishing company which focusses on creating graphic novels with adult themes and content. The idea is not only to fill the gap in the graphic novel marketplace between Adult themed graphic novels and porn, but actually create a whole new market. Our vision is to become the Marvel of adult comics and we are well and truly on our way.

Our product repertoire consists of serialized comics in different niches and themes, the common aspect being adult content.

As a company we are fast, 100% online and believe in creating quality work for the masses, once niche at a time.

What we can do for you?

If you're an artist, creative studio or a super inspired author, then what we have here is an opportunity to work with an open, online and fast growing company. Most of our artists have been working with us for years now and their still going strong. We have a culture of sharing the success of our toons with their creators, so even though you may start small - you will grow with us.

To see our current opening, get some more information on our work style and apply, click here to go to our employment page.

If you're a fanhead over to our amazing sites right now. Go to Kirtu for some super-hot Indian toons, or Gentlemen Comics if you're after a more international flavour.

Hunting for businesscollaboration in the graphic novels or animation field? You've come to the right place. 95comics is a fast growing company with a creative staff of more than 40 artists, authors and editors' working to create quality adult graphic novels like the world has never seen before. We're always on the lookout for new ideas and business partnerships that would allow us to increase our reach and creative capabilities. Right now that translates to a need for distributors and animation studios. So if you're one of them please contact us using the form below or go to our contact us page for other ways to get in touch.

Inspired blogger or a journalistlooking for the next big story? You can't do better than this. In 2008 when we first released Savita Bhabhi and it was consequently "banned" in India we were on almost every media outlet in India. Every publication that had us on its website suddenly had that story ranking #1 in its "Most Popular" section. Graphic Novels make an interesting story, adult graphic novels takes that interest to the next level.

Who wouldn't want to read about the group of entrepreneurs who fought government censporship in India only to grow even stonger and launch an international version of their brand of free speech merged with entertainment. So if you're looking for your next front page story, visit our press page for information on how to get in touch.

Our Comics

At its core 95comics is ultimately a company that loves adult comics. You’re going to see Savita Bhabhi mentioned a lot in this site because she’s who pushed us to the limelight. The Savita Bhabhi series is now more than 30 full length episodes old and still going strong. Our two major web properties right now are Kirtu and GentlemenComics.

95comics has new series in production such as the visually stunning FERAL Beasts and the erotic vampire novel Sexual Tension. Some of our current series are shown below; you can click thru to the Gentlemen Comics website to see more

Gentlemen Comics
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