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10th September 2012 : Launch Date for GentlemenComics

95comics retail site Gentlemen Comics has been slated for a beta launch on 18th November 2012. The date was selected as it happens to be the Birthday of Alan Moore who's work Lost Girls was one of the inspirations for starting the company. will launch with ten super-hot titles with a lot more scheduled to be udpated in the coming weeks.

23th July 2012 : Work starts on Savita Bhabhi : The Movie

After a very thorough vetting, an animation company was finally selected to be the team behind bringing 'Savita Bhabhi' to life. Exciting times indeed! If you are interested in distributing or promoting this movie please contact [email protected] for more information.

14th March 2012 : Animation Studios for Savita Bhabhi : The Movie

We have started work on bringing our most popular character 'Savita Bhabhi' from the graphic novel format to life in Savita Bhabhi : The Movie. We are looking for Animation Studios to partner with us in the production of this potential blockbuster.

12th Feb 2012 : Kirtu goes Global

A next generation website is to emerge from the business successes of titled Gentlemen Comics. This new website will launch at the end of 2012 with broadly international appeal. The target audience is best understood by looking at the Gentlemen Comics slogan: "Comics for men, not boys." In a world where toon characters too often target mainly teenage boys, Gentlemen Comics is aiming solidly for international men who are grownups.

Produced by an international team of creative individuals that collaborates online instead of inside an office building, Gentlemen Comics is likely to attract a lot of attention. This suits the ambitions of parent company 95comics that is aiming for nothing less than completely reshaping and redefining adult comics for a worldwide market.

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Who Are We?

95comics is a publishing company which focuses on creating graphic novels with adult themes and content. Our vision is to not only fill the gap in the marketplace between adult themed graphic novels and porn, but actually create a whole new market in this niche. The plan is to become the Marvel of adult comics and we are well and truly on our way.

The only option for adult toon fans in the past who wanted to read quality adult graphic novels with intricate themes and riveting storylines was translated Hentai. We aim to change that by being the pioneer in western adult graphic novel publishing.

Our product repertoire consists of serialized comics in different niches and themes, the common aspect being adult content.

As a company we are fast, 100% online and believe in creating quality work for the masses, one niche at a time.

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